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SEMC Job Listings Forum offers employers and job seekers the ability to search and post jobs.

SEMC Members and Member Institutions can post job announcements and paid internships to this forum.

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SEMC members may post for free. Nonmembers are requested to pay a $20.00 fee. Pay-per-post by following this link:

Pay Non-member Job Posting Fee ($20). 

After paying the fee, send file containing job description to smemberservices@semcdirect.net.

Please Note: ALL SEMC job board postings must include the following in accordance with administrative best practices: 

  • Job title
  • Location
  • Description of the position and organization
  • Numerical salary or salary range

SEMC supports field-wide efforts to improve diversity, equity, access and inclusion in museums. We believe that pay transparency at the onset of the hiring process may help to ensure both a positive candidate experience and the best use of hiring managers’ and candidates’ time. We appreciate your support of efforts to encourage transparent hiring practices in our field.

Please review the Job Posting Instructions updated.pdf for further information.