When you join SEMC, you are welcomed into our vibrant, museum community. With the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from throughout the southeast region, our members represent a diverse group of professionals who share a passion for service in the museum field. Whether you are a emerging museum professional, at a mid-point in your career or a seasoned professional, SEMC provides valuable resources to support the work you do at each stage of your career.

Your support helps sustain SEMC’s extraordinary level of programming.

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Individual Memberships    

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 Institutional Memberships

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Business/Corporate Memberships

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Attend educational sessions, valuable affinity groups, an extensive exhibit hall, a lively keynote address and exciting evening events at the annual meeting. Widely acclaimed as one of the best in the field, hundreds of museum professionals and industry service providers attend annually. You'll benefit from a variety of experiences, disciplines and viewpoints.

Share ideas. SEMC is a network of over 1,800 museum professionals dedicated to the excellence of the region's museums and the people who staff them. You'll have access to a wealth of information through the annual meeting, Inside SEMC, a bi-weekly E-Newsletter and the SEMC office staff. In the words of one member, SEMC is "the most supportive and congenial group of museum professionals I know."

WORKSHOPS/VIRTUAL PROGRAMS                                                                                                                              Learn from experts. SEMC offers workshops and a monthly virtual program with expert instruction and extensive resource materials for members. Recent topics have included deaccessioning, digital accessibiliy and inclusion and fundraising in a post-pandemic world.

Stay informed. SEMC has a strong commitment to bringing quality publications to its membership. Our digital publication, Inside SEMC, which is published three times per year, offers museum news, exhibits, technical information, affinity group happenings and feature articles on relevent topics in the field. SEMC also updated the SEMC JOBS Board daily and participates in and/or distributes regional survey including AAM's salary survey.

AFFINITY GROUPS AND PROFESSIONAL NETWORK COMMITTEES                                                                                       

Joining an Affinity Group or a Professional Networking Committee provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate with your colleagues who share a professional interest or have a common need related to working in the museum field. Click here to check out all the Affinity Groups and Professional Network Committees available to you! 

Contribute to your profession. SEMC Council member and State Directors voice your concerns to the organization's governing board, where policy and actions are formed. In turn, SEMC represents the southeast's unique perspective at the American Alliance of Museums' Council of Regional Associations. Involvement in one of SEMC's standing committees is a great way to make contacts, increase skills, and contribute to the museum profession.


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