Purposefully developed by the local arrangements team in Louisville over many planning meetings, the 2023 SEMC Conference theme was Truth Builds Community. Louisville, along with many cities across our country, experienced much social unrest during the past several years, and the cultural community and institutions have taken an active role in creating programs and exhibits that shed light, lift up underserved and underrepresented peoples, and create space for community engagement for healing and open dialogue. SEMC offered sessions that shared, examined, and promoted this work in cultural institutions and the diverse communities they represent.

SEMC 2023 Leadership Awards Roundtable Discussion (L-R, Dakota Brown, Tricia Miller, Zinnia Willits, Patrick Daily, Robin Reed)

Enjoy These SEMC 2023 Memories 

SEMC is grateful to Michael Lachowski (Public Relations for the Georgia Museum of Art) for capturing these images of SEMC2023. Feel free to download and share! Credit can go to: Michael Lachowski, Georgia Museum of Art, for SEMC

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* American Sign Language Interpretation was available in select sessions. Look for the   symbol in the PheedLoop Program.

2023 ASL services were provided by:  

SEMC is grateful to Dr. Kevin W. Cosby for providing the membership with an amazing and inspiring keynote address at the 2023 Annual Meeting. We are pleased to make the recording available below.

A lit skyline view of Louisville, Kentucky at dusk

Thank you for joining us for SEMC2023 in Louisville, Kentucky!

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